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 Is your facility faced with these challenges?
Using temporary agencies unable to comply with JCAHO requirements
Difficulty in finding qualified and reliable employees
Normal schedules interrupted by vacations
Departmental workload causing “employee burnout”
Department’s performance affected by employee leave of absence or disability
Downsizing, but still need occasional help with your caseload
Lack of staff willing to fill weekend and call shifts



If you answered YES to any of these questions,
STAT Resources is your solution

STAT Resources offers a unique temporary staffing service not available through other staffing agencies. We alleviate your
staffing dilemmas by providing an elite team of professionals dedicated to solving your immediate needs.  We provide
full-time, part-time, and per diem staffing for days, evenings, weekends, and call shifts.

STAT Resources provides the following allied health specialties:

 •  General Sonography
 •  Vascular Sonography
 •  Echocardiography
 •  Pediatric Echo
 •  Perinatal Sonography
 •  CT
 •  MRI
 •  Mammography
 •  Nuclear Medicine
 •  General Radiography
 •  Interventional Radiology

 •  Dexa/pDexa
 •  EEG
 •  Stress Testing/EKG
 •  Radiation Therapy
 •  Respiratory Therapy

 •  Medical Technologists
 •  Medical Lab Technician
 •  Medical Assistant
Physical Therapy/Assistant
 •  Occupational Therapy/Assistant

These features set us apart from other temporary staffing services:

  •  Match candidate to your specific needs and requirements
•   Full compliance with JCAHO requirements
•   HIPAA compliant
•   Provide certification of employee immunization records
•   Provide OSHA/JCAHO education module
•   Drug Screening when requested
•   Conduct Background Investigation including HHS/OIG List of excluded individuals and GSA List of
     parties excluded from Federal programs
•   Criminal background checks
•   Staff are employees of STAT Resources, not independent contractors
•   Worker’s compensation and general and professional liability insurance for all staff
•   Comprehensive interviews for all applicants prior to hiring including a written examination and a
     clinical examination where appropriate
•   Provide staff for long-term and short-term assignments
•   Perform periodic site visits to evaluate adequate performance by our staff
•   Provide time sheets on a daily and weekly basis
•   Provide a 24-hour answering service for immediate response to your staffing needs
•   Provide ongoing managerial support for technical questions and issues

Getting Started:

Our goal is to simplify the staffing process.
Complete our online staffing request today,
or phone our toll free number.


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